Bishop Robert Barron

Bp. Robert Barron, Diocese of Winona-Rochester

“Meal, Sacrifice, Real Presence” talk description:

From the beginning, God has wanted to feed his people with his very life.  Though anticipated in the Old Testament, this divine purpose was realized fully when Jesus offered his body and blood to us.  In a world gone wrong, there is no real communion without sacrifice.  Though anticipated in the offerings in the Temple, the great and final sacrifice was made by God himself on the cross.  The Eucharist re-presents that supreme divine act.  Throughout salvation history, God made himself present to his people in fragmentary ways.  But in the fullness of time, he made himself “really, truly, and substantially” present to us in the body and blood of the Lord.  My talk will explore these three great themes:  meal, sacrifice, and real presence.

Speaker Focus

Bishop Robert Barron

Keynote talk: “Meal, Sacrifice, Real Presence”

Bishop Robert Barron is an acclaimed author, speaker, and theologian. He is also the founder of the global media ministry Word on Fire, which reaches millions of people by utilizing the tools of new media to draw people into or back to the Catholic Faith. Francis Cardinal George has described him as “one of the Church’s best messengers.”

On July 21, 2015, Pope Francis appointed Bishop Barron to be Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He was ordained bishop on September 8, 2015. On Thursday, June 2, 2022, Pope Francis appointed Bishop Robert Barron the ninth bishop of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester.

Bishop Barron is the creator and host of CATHOLICISM, a groundbreaking, award-winning documentary series about the Catholic Faith. The series has aired on hundreds of PBS stations across the world and has been used by parishes, universities, and schools as an essential resource. Since then, Bishop Barron and Word on Fire also released the follow-up documentary CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players series on the mystics, scholars, artists, and saints who shaped the Church and changed the world. The first volume of the series debuted in September 2016 and was syndicated for national television and nominated for an Emmy award.

Bp. Barron’s Congressional keynote will be translated onsite to Spanish, Vietnamese, and ASL.

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