Ministerio de Musica Grano de Mostaza

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Ministerio de Musica Grano de Mostaza

The music ministry group “Grano de Mostaza” belongs to St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Worthington, Minnesota. It was the first music ministry group founded in this parish with the purpose of ​​enkindling the faith of the Latino population attending Mass at St. Mary’s Church in Worthington. The group began in March 2008, and today, there are ten music ministry groups serving in this parish. They provide music not only at the weekend masses but also at the many retreats and liturgical events in the parish and surrounding parishes in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. 

Out of love for the Mass and praying through music, they began serving at Mass on July 13, 2008, when the Colombian priests arrived in the parish. In 2010, they recorded their first CD and in 2012 their second CD. The group is made of parishioners of St. Mary’s Church whose nationality is Guatemalan.  

Grano de Mostaza will be offering music for the Spanish track.

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