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Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary

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Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHMS) is a Roman Catholic college seminary located amidst the natural beauty of the peaceful Mississippi river town of Winona, Minnesota. Building upon the rich two thousand year history of the Catholic Church and its Program of Priestly Formation, IHMS in conjunction with Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, progressively delivers first-class spiritual and academic resources. This program ingrains an outstanding foundation of prayer, Philosophy, and Theology in our men.

For over a half century the programs at IHMS have been forming men of mature human quality and deep spirituality. IHMS is more than a place. It is an experience…an opportunity for men to follow Christ. As Pope Francis defines a seminary, IHMS is a place where one develops their vocation, gaining an in-depth understanding of the Gospel, Confession, the Eucharist, and prayer. Pope Francis also says, “We respond to this vocation in the same way as the Virgin Mary does to the angel: ‘How is this possible?’ becoming ‘good shepherds’ in the image of Jesus is something very great and we are so small. Yes, it is true, it is too great; but it is not our work! It is the work of the Holy Spirit, with our collaboration.”

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Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
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