We are striving to make this Congress as accessible as possible all who want to attend. To that end, we hope this information will help people prepare for the Congress.

Deaf/hard of hearing: We will provide ASL translation of the English track speakers and the concluding Mass. Dedicated seating will be available near the interpreter.

Physically handicapped: The Civic Center is ADA compliant and most events are on the first level. The second level does have elevator access. There are wheelchair accessible bathroom stalls as well as three “family bathrooms” that are handicapped accessible in the Civic Center.

There is handicapped accessible parking in the main parking garage, or a person in a wheelchair or walker/cane can be dropped off at the side of the Civic Center (also a bus drop-off).

Dedicated handicapped seating will be provided in the English track and Spanish track on the ground level near the front. Please connect with an usher for direction.

There will be limited space for people to eat lunch at a table in the Civic Center, in the Banquet Hall. More details to follow in April.

Sensory challenged: We expect 5000 people to be in attendance. Those who are sensitive to sensory input are welcome and encouraged to bring ear plugs to dampen the noise. The Eucharistic Adoration Hall, dedicated to quiet prayer, can be a place to find quiet and respite if needed.

Service animals are allowed in the Civic Center if the owners bring proper paperwork that the animal is registered as a service animal.

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