(Corpus Christi 2022 – Corpus Christi 2023)

The Diocese of Winona-Rochester’s plan for the Diocesan Year is being guided by the Three Transcendentals: The Good, The True, and The Beautiful.  The Three Transcendentals represent what every human being longs for and refers to something that exists beyond space and time.  Below is a snapshot of the Diocesan Plan including certain activities that highlight each transcendental. 

For a list of scheduled events, please see below.

The Good

In the early days of Christianity, it was the moral goodness of Christ’s followers that brought many to belief.

  • Mercy Sundays are opportunities during Advent and/or Lent for each parish to highlight social ministries their parish already participates in (i.e. Ministry to the Homebound, St. Vincent de Paul, Prayer Shawls, etc.) and invite parishioners to be involved as the hands and feet of Christ.
  • Eucharistic Missionaries will be named and trained from each deanery to help build Parish Teams for the Parish Year that begins on Corpus Christi 2023.

The True

You cannot love what you do not know.

  • A Diocesan Eucharistic Congress will be held on June 10, 2023 in Mankato, MN. This Congress will help train Eucharistic Missionaries to be sent out for the Parish Year.
  • Various Catechetical Opportunities will take place, such as the Emmaus Year for the Institute of Lay Formation.  See the list of events below or check your local parish bulletin for catechetical events.
  • Vocational awareness will be woven throughout the Revival highlighting existing opportunities, such as Camp Summit, and offering new ones.

The Beautiful

There is nothing more beautiful than the dying and rising of Jesus Christ.

  • A Diocesan-wide Eucharistic Procession will take Jesus in the Eucharist to all parishes for Corpus Christi Sunday parish processions.
  • Eucharistic Adoration will be provided in each deanery, such as the Vigil Project coming to Rochester early March, and during the Traveling Vatican Eucharistic Miracles Display.
  • The Traveling Eucharistic Miracles Display is a Vatican exhibit that will move from east to west during Easter 2023 throughout the diocese.  A complete schedule will be available below by Jan. 1, 2023.

What’s happening

See what’s happening in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester during this first year of the National Eucharistic Revival!

Upcoming Events

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