Individuals, of course, can order a single ticket on the Eventbrite system, on our registration page. A short video on how to register as an individual (or family, or small group) may be found here (including Spanish subtitling).

People can order more than one ticket at a time on the Eventbrite system. For example, under early or general admission, a man could order tickets for himself, his wife, and his child. Those tickets would have names assigned to them. You can print out the tickets as PDFs and save them for June 10th, or you could save those tickets through the Eventbrite app (a free download for your phone) and show them at check-in via your smartphone.

(If you also pre-order a lunch onsite at the point of registration, you will receive an additional ticket for that as well. Hold on to both tickets or download that Eventbrite app!)

However, if a larger group wants to attend (for example, 25+), another option is to buy tickets as a group. In that case, one group leader would be responsible for paying for the entire group. He or she would receive all the tickets as PDFs forms. Names would not be attached to the tickets. This could be useful if a parish or group wanted to buy a set a tickets and decide who attends later. If you are a Diocese of Winona-Rochester parish that wishes to pursue this option, please call Emily Smithley at for instructions before March 31.

If your Diocese of Winona-Rochester parish wishes to send a youth group, please contact Dana Petricka (Director of Youth Ministry and Faith Formation) for advice at

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