We Welcome NET Ministries to the Congress

We warmly welcome NET Ministries to the Eucharistic Congress this June 10!

NET (National Evangelization Teams) Missionaries are young adults aged 18-30 who have given a year (or more) of their lives to witnessing to the joy of the gospel, especially working with teens and tweens. They will have three different roles at our Congress:

  1. A couple of NET missionaries will be stationed at a “prayer station” just outside the adoration chapel from 10:15am-3pm. Need prayer? Just approach them and they will pray with you and for your intention!
  2. NET missionaries will also be hanging out at the St. James Coffee area (2nd floor club) welcoming teens and tweens who want to talk about what they are experiencing and hearing at this Congress and in their lives, and offer their own witness. A great opportunity for young people to hang out, talk, and receive!
  3. NET missionaries will also be helping organize the outdoor activities (10:15-noon, 1:30-3pm) on the Civic Center Lawn in front. Come as a family and have fun together!

This is a great opportunity for attendees aged 12-20 to engage in the Congress and focus on what this means for their lives in Christ!

NET’s Mission:

The reality is that our youth today are growing up in a largely post-Christian culture, making the task of instilling faith in teenagers all the more difficult for parents, catechists, and youth ministers

A vast majority of Catholic youth are disconnecting from the Church during their teenage years. Something clearly isn’t working.

At NET Ministries, we’re passionate about challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church.

That’s why, working alongside youth ministers, parishes, and schools, we help young people encounter the person of Christ through evangelization and discipleship.

Our ministry is carried out by retreat teams, discipleship teams, and YDisciple.

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